Hector and his Highland Dancers

Publication Date: 1st November 2020

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An Australian chicken breeder, a prized, yet failed show chicken. But the discovery of the chickens ability to dance leads to success in a very different arena to show judging.

ISBN: 978-0-6486528-9-2

Author: Anthony Sevil

Credit: Bob Roden

Anthony Sevil is a writer, sculptor and photographer with an intimate appreciation of rural Australia. He grew up on the plains of North West NSW and now lives on a small farm in rural New England, Australia.

On graduating in economics from the University of New England and working in market research , he then spent three years on a working holiday in Europe and Africa. His working life has been varied; economic research, public relations, sales, farming, labouring, and as a care worker; but always finding time to dip into the creative world.

Anthony has had non-fiction stories and photographs published in newspapers and magazines. He has been a regular exhibiter of his sculpture.

Recently, he won the New England Award in the Thunderbolt Crime Writing Competition, and his story was included in Melbourne Books’ Award Winning Australian Writing.

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Illustrator: Amy Calautti

From a young age Amy has loved to draw. She studied fashion and design the entire way through high school, along with any extra art units that were available. She then continued her study of fashion and textile design at Perth Central TAFE. After a 15 year gap, Amy picked up her pencils and rediscovered her love of drawing when she became a mother. She joined the 52 week Illustration Challenge and began to comprehend what her true potential could be. With her new found direction she became an active member in SCBWI, and participated in Nina Rycroft’s picture book illustration course in late 2017 and has been working on her portfolio ever since.

In late 2018, Amy began work on illustrating her first picture book, When the Moon is a Smile, written by Teena Raffa-Mulligan.

Amy now lives with her small tribe of humans who bring her endless inspiration. If she’s not hunched over her drawing table, madly scribbling her marvellous creations, she is either cooking up a storm or hosting an extravagant pool party.

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