Night Lights

Publication Date: Q4, 2021

ISBN: 978-0-6486528-4-7

About the Author: Inda Ahmad Zabri

Inda believes in a world of wonder. She lives in Brisbane where she illustrates and writes for children and adults. Her stories are inspired by natural and cultural gems curated from her travels and lovingly added to her Malaysian heritage. She is also a surgical doctor, swapping her writer’s hat and paintbrush for scrubs and scalpel when duty calls.

Please pay a visit Inda’s Website  & her Facebook pages.

About the Illustrator: Lesley McGee

Lesley is a Melbourne artist, designer and photographer living in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

Influenced by the intricate styles of Norman Rockwell, Robert Ingpen, Graeme Base and Frida Kahlo, she also looks to her extensive travel experiences for inspiration.

Currently working on her first illustration commission Evie is All Ears, in conjunction with author Kellie Byrnes and Little Pink Dog Books, Lesley is also looking forward to collaboration on her next exciting new project.

Lesley’s early creative work featured landscape oils and gouache caricatures.
Her passion for experimentation has led her to use vibrant pencil, pastel and inks. Texture, light and detail are a dominant feature of her work.

Lesley’s publishing foray began with the ambition to self-publish her own manuscript and illustration project. Featuring Milly and a cast of magical creatures, she hopes to bring these adventures to life in the near future also.

My Illustration dedicated web page is here.  Please visit my Facebook Artist Page and my Instagram Art & Photography Page.