My Giant Sea Shell

Publication Date: Q1, 2022


About the Author: Amanda Lieber

Amanda found a box stuffed with note books, scraps of paper, old menus, bits torn out of magazines and crumpled serviettes covered with her scribbles, observations, characters, plots and stories. That’s when she realised she was passionate about storytelling and wanted to share her characters and their stories with the world.

So far being an actress has been Amanda’s favourite career, performing in South Africa, London, Edinburgh, Italy and Sydney. On the side she has been a drama teacher, fairy (with lots of sparkles and wings), curio shop assistant, pastry chef, theatre usher, a very bad coffee maker, an early childcare teacher, filed archives in a basement and more odd jobs which she’s sure will make a great story one day.  Amanda hopes that writing stories for children will be her new favourite career.

She is thrilled to have her first picture book published with Little Pink Dog Books and cannot wait to see what the future may bring…maybe she will read her story, and others, on Playschool.

Please visit Amanda’s Facebook and Web page.

About the Illustrator: Belladonna Raudvee

Belladonna grew up deep in the forests of the Brown Mountains, NSW. There she developed a passion for the beauty of the natural world. 4000kms and 3 daughters later, she rekindled her passion on the Batavia Coast, WA. Here she has sold artwork worldwide, worked on many local projects, advertising and created over 70 historical and maritime illustrations for The Batavia Park in Geraldton, WA. Belladonna’s dream is to illustrate children’s books and help establish a love of our world in young minds.

Please pay a visit to Belladonna’s Website and her Facebook pages.