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AuthorIllustratorANZ Pub
Book StatusISBN
TodayRobert VescioFelicity Byrne2024In Creation978-0-6454184-3-9
Music in the AirSophie MassonKathy Creamer2024In Creation978-0-6454184-5-3
The Bad Tooth FairyKathy CreamerKathy Creamer2025In Creation978-0-6454184-6-0
Roger the Wrasse and the Itchy FishesSue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)Sue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)2023In Creation978-0-6486528-5-4
Odd Sock SidHeidi Cooper SmithHeidi Cooper Smith2023978-0-6489641-2-4
A Grandma to LoveAshling KwokKathy Creamer2023In Creation978-0-6454184-0-8
My Giant Sea ShellAmanda LieberKathy Creamer2023978-0-6489641-9-3
Christmas Under the OverpassKatie FlanniganKatrina Fisher2023In Creation978-0-6489641-1-7
Emma’s FrecklesSarah WallaceLesley McGee2023978-0-6489641-6-2
The Fabulous Fruit Shake MysteryLesley McGeeLesley McGee2023978-0-6454184-4-6
Ella and StarMichelle WanasunderaNichole Wade2023978-0-6454184-1-5
Monet Chases the LightJenny GahanPatricia Ward2023978-0-6454184-2-2
Lucky’s Horse ShoesKathy CreamerAmy Calautti2022978-0-6489641-8-6
PeanutKathy CreamerAmy Calautti2022978-0-6489640-8-7
Edward's WarFiona McDonaldFiona McDonald2022978-0-6489641-7-9
Buster Follows his NosePaula StephensonJenny Hale2022978-0-6489640-7-0
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!Sophie MassonKathy Creamer2022978-0-6489640-9-4
A Squiggly LineRobert VescioKathy Creamer2022978-0-6486528-1-6
Three Unusual Visitors at Raffles Hotel SingaporeKathy CreamerKathy Creamer2022978-0-6489641-5-5
A Star For MamaAshling KwokKathy Creamer2022978-0-6489641-3-1
Inside Story: the wonderful world of writing, illustrating and publishing children's books.Sophie Masson, Kathy Creamer, Beattie Alvarez, Peter CreamerKathy Creamer, Beattie Alvarez, 2022978-0-6488154-5-7
Granny SmithMichelle WorthingtonKatrin Dreiling2022978-0-6489641-0-0
Big BossDianne BatesPatricia Ward2022978-0-6489640-6-3
Cranky Frankie and the oceans of trashSue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)Sue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)2022978-0-6486528-3-0
The Great Barrier ThiefSue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)Sue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)2022978-0-6489640-4-9
Mr Ming and the Mooncake DragonKathy CreamerAmy Calautti
Yes! No.Kellie ByrnesGabriella Petruso2021978-0-6482563-9-7
Too Many DucksHeidi Cooper SmithHeidi Cooper Smith2021978-0-9946269-9-8
Ho Ho Ho!Kathy CreamerKathy Creamer2021978-0-6486528-8-5
Who Farted?Fabi WilliamsKathy Creamer2021978-0-6489640-5-6
Night LightsInda Ahmad ZahriLesley McGee2021978-0-6486528-4-7
The Cat ThiefPat SimmonsLiz Duthie2021978-0-6489640-1-8
StarArtelle LenthallMargaret Dewar2021978-0-6489640-0-1
The Glint of GoldKate McGannPatricia Ward2021978-0-6489640-3-2
Hector and his Highland DancersAnthony SevilAmy Calautti2020978-0-6486528-9-2
The Big Old Rambutan TreeKathy CreamerKathy Creamer2020978-0-6482563-7-3
The Tiger Who Came To Tea at Raffles HotelKathy CreamerKathy Creamer2020976-0-9946269-7-4
A House of MudSophie MassonKatrina Fisher2020978-0-6482563-2-8
Evie is all EarsKellie ByrnesLesley McGee2020978-0-6486528-2-3
Monkey MindRebecca J PalmerRebecca J Palmer2020978-0-6482563-8-0
Lola and GrandpaAshling KwokYvonne Low2020978-0-6486528-0-9
Window of HopeRobert VescioDemelsa Haughton2019978-0-6482563-6-6
Six Sleepy MiceHeidi Cooper SmithHeidi Cooper Smith2019978-0-6482563-5-9
Join The Armidale ParadeSophie MassonKathy Creamer2019978-0-9946269-3-6
Where’s Lucky?Jacqui HalpinSandra Severgnini2019978-0-6482563-3-5
In the Shadow of an ElephantGeorgie DonagheySandra Severgnini2019978-0-6482563-1-1
The Christmas GardenCaroline TuoheySandra Severgnini2019978-0-6482563-4-2
See MonkeySophie MassonKathy Creamer2018978-0-9946269-8-1
Bigger Than Yesterday, Smaller Than TomorrowRobert VescioKathy Creamer2018978-0-9946269-5-0
Johnny’s BeardMichelle WorthingtonKatrin Dreiling2018978-0-6482563-0-4
Tissywoo and the Worry MonstersTrish DonaldTrish Donald2018976-0-9946269-4-3
Clover’s Big IdeasGeorgie DonagheyEmma Middleton2017978-0-9946269-6-7
Parmesan, the Reluctant RacehorseJacqui HalpinJohn Phillips2017978-0-9946269-2-9
The World’s Worst PirateMichelle WorthingtonKatrin Dreiling2017978-0-9946269-1-2