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ISBNAuthorIllustratorANZ Pub
Book Status
Hector and his Highland Dancers9780648652892Anthony SevilAmy Calautti2020
Hector and his Highland Dancers9781669601449Anthony SevilAmy Calautti2020Audio File Available
Mr Ming and the Mooncake Dragon9780648652878Kathy CreamerAmy Calautti
Mr Ming and the Mooncake Dragon9781667097886Kathy CreamerAmy Calautti
2021Audio File Available
Peanut9780648964087Kathy CreamerAmy Calautti2022
Lucky’s Horse Shoes9780648964186Kathy CreamerAmy Calautti2022
Window of Hope9780648256366Robert VescioDemelsa Haughton2019
Clover’s Big Ideas9780994626967Georgie DonagheyEmma Middleton2017
Today9780645418439Robert VescioFelicity Byrne2024
Edward's War9780648964179Fiona McDonaldFiona McDonald2022
Yes! No.9780648256397Kellie ByrnesGabriella Petruso2021
Six Sleepy Mice9780648256359Heidi Cooper SmithHeidi Cooper Smith2019
Too Many Ducks9780994626998Heidi Cooper SmithHeidi Cooper Smith2021
Odd Sock Sid9780648964124Heidi Cooper SmithHeidi Cooper Smith2023
Buster Follows his Nose9780648964070Paula StephensonJenny Hale2022
Parmesan, the Reluctant Racehorse9780994626929Jacqui HalpinJohn Phillips2017
My Giant Sea Shell9780648964193Amanda LieberKathy Creamer2023
A Star For Mama9780648964131Ashling KwokKathy Creamer2022
A Grandma to Love9780645418408Ashling KwokKathy Creamer2023
Who Farted?9780648964056Fabi WilliamsKathy Creamer2021
The Tiger Who Came To Tea at Raffles Hotel9760994626974Kathy CreamerKathy Creamer2020
The Big Old Rambutan Tree9780648256373Kathy CreamerKathy Creamer2020
Ho Ho Ho!9780648652885Kathy CreamerKathy Creamer2021
Three Unusual Visitors at Raffles Hotel Singapore9780648964155Kathy CreamerKathy Creamer2022
The Bad Tooth Fairy9780645418460Kathy CreamerKathy Creamer2024In Creation
Bigger Than Yesterday, Smaller Than Tomorrow9780994626950Robert VescioKathy Creamer2018
A Squiggly Line9780648652816Robert VescioKathy Creamer2022
Join The Armidale Parade9780994626936Sophie MassonKathy Creamer2019
See Monkey9780994626981Sophie MassonKathy Creamer2018
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!9780648964094Sophie MassonKathy Creamer2022
Music in the Air9780645418453Sophie MassonKathy Creamer2025In Creation
Inside Story: the wonderful world of writing, illustrating and publishing children's books.9780648815457Sophie Masson, Kathy Creamer, Beattie Alvarez, Peter CreamerKathy Creamer, Beattie Alvarez, 2022
Johnny’s Beard9780648256304Michelle WorthingtonKatrin Dreiling2018
The World’s Worst Pirate9780994626912Michelle WorthingtonKatrin Dreiling2017
Granny Smith9780648964100Michelle WorthingtonKatrin Dreiling2022
Christmas Under the Overpass9780648964117Katie FlanniganKatrina Fisher2023
A House of Mud9780648256328Sophie MassonKatrina Fisher2020
A House of Mud9781667085371Sophie MassonKatrina Fisher2021Audio File Available
Night Lights9780648652847Inda Ahmad ZahriLesley McGee2021
Evie is all Ears9780648652823Kellie ByrnesLesley McGee2020
The Fabulous Fruit Shake Mystery9780645418446Lesley McGeeLesley McGee2023
Emma’s Freckles9780648964162Sarah WallaceLesley McGee2023
The Cat Thief9780648964018Pat SimmonsLiz Duthie2021
Star9780648964001Artelle LenthallMargaret Dewar2021
Ella and Star9780645418415Michelle WanasunderaNichole Wade2023
Big Boss9780648964063Dianne BatesPatricia Ward2022
Monet Chases the Light9780645418422Jenny GahanPatricia Ward2023
The Glint of Gold9780648964032Kate McGannPatricia Ward2021
Gustav Glows with Gold9780645418477Kathy CreamerPatricia Ward2025In Creation
Monkey Mind9780648256380Rebecca J PalmerRebecca J Palmer2020
The Christmas Garden9780648256342Caroline TuoheySandra Severgnini2019
In the Shadow of an Elephant9780648256311Georgie DonagheySandra Severgnini2019
Where’s Lucky?9780648256335Jacqui HalpinSandra Severgnini2019
The Great Barrier Thief9780648964049Sue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)Sue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)2022
Cranky Frankie and the oceans of trash9780648652830Sue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)Sue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)2022
Roger the Wrasse and the Itchy Fishes9780648652854Sue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)Sue Pillans (aka Dr Suzi Starfish)2024
Tissywoo and the Worry Monsters9760994626943Trish DonaldTrish Donald2018
Lola and Grandpa9780648652809Ashling KwokYvonne Low2020