Roger the Wrasse and the Itchy Fishes

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  • Australia & New Zealand: 31st Jan 2024
  • UK, USA & Canada: 15th July 2024

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This story draws attention to the importance of biodiversity on the reef and illustrates the special roles and relationships animals have under the sea. Told through the eyes of Roger the wrasse, a small and brightly coloured reef fish who oversees a cleaning station on the reef. Roger’s bright colours are almost like a neon sign advertising his ‘cleaning services’ to other sea creatures on the reef.

This story celebrates the small creatures that do BIG things in the ocean showing us how little things can make a BIG difference in the world!

ISBN: 978-0-6486528-5-4 (Softcover with Flaps)

Illustrations from the Book:



About the AuthorstratorDr Sue Pillans (aka. Dr Suzie Starfish)

Dr Sue Pillans has always been drawn to the ocean and has many fond memories of going to the beach, snorkelling and interacting with nature as a child. Sue has been drawing and telling stories about the natural world since she was young and she grew up to become a marine scientist, artist and author who still loves sharing her stories through words and pictures in her creative business “Picture your ideas

Sue’s deep devotion for the ocean is also shared through her alter ego, Dr Suzie Starfish, who uses the art of marine science and storytelling to engage, excite, empower and educate children about our underwater wonders. As an ‘Authorstrator’ (Author/Illustrator) Dr Suzie Starfish draws attention to environmental issues to bring the living oceans into the hearts and minds of young readers.

Roger the wrasse and the itchy fishes” illustrates the importance of diversity on our reefs and the amazing roles animals carry out. This story also draws attention to the important relationships formed in nature between different species. Sue was inspired to create this story after ‘sea-ing’ the wonder of cleaning stations on the Great Barrier Reef and how the smallest of animals can help the biggest of animals… just with a dance!

This is the third in a series of ocean picture books by Dr Suzie Starfish which are based on science with messages of solutions and hope that we can all be the change we want to ‘sea’ in the world.

When Sue isn’t drawing out ideas you will find her at the beach or underwater getting her vitamin sea. Sue also has her ‘pawsome’ creative companions by her side throughout this creative journey.

You can dive in and follow Dr Sue’s visual storytelling via her website and as Dr Suzie Starfish on Facebook