Tissywoo and the Worry Monsters

Published: February 2018.

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This book is about a young girl who is about to start school, she is excited but she begins to worry. Her worries turn into a little worry monster. Tissywoo keeps on worrying and the monsters begin to grow bigger. She is scared and frightened but just as they threaten to overwhelm her she remembers something her mother told her to do when the worry monsters come. Tissywoo uses breathing techniques to calm herself, slow deep breathes in and out. The more she controls her breathing the better she feels.

ISBN: 976-0-9946269-4-3 (Hardback)  Price $24.95  Target age group: 4 to 9 yrs

Book Reviews:

Some Readers Comments:

  • Here is a review from an Early Childhood Educator from a local Childcare Centre following a visit by Trish: From the moment I read the book ‘Tissywoo and the Worry Monsters’, I knew that the Preschool children at my Childcare Centre would love it as much as I did as it related to the children who will be heading to school next year. The illustrations in this book are absolutely amazing. The detail in every page and the colour palate attracted the children’s attention and they didn’t find the monsters too scary. The children and educators loved the book so much that we purchased a copy on the spot.Trish connected very well with the children from the moment she walked into the room. She came very well prepared, with age appropriate activities for the children to do and short breathing exercises to get the children engaged in the book. A very bubbly and energetic presentation was displayed. We can’t wait for Trish to come back and visit with her next book.
  • “I handed the book to my four year old daughter without reading it to her and she found the monsters very scary. Then, I read it to her and she has kept on asking me to read it to her. A great book!”
  • “I love the story and what it means, my son understands it and practices the breathing and requests it every night”.
  • “I wish there was a book like this around when I was a child”
  • “My son was scared of everything, even pictures in books. Since reading this book he is not so anxious about things and sometimes I see him sitting, breathing deeply and calming himself. This book has made a difference”
  • “Tissywoo and the Worry Monsters” is a new book intended to help calm young children and assist them in dealing with the collywobbles. It is beautifully illustrated with much depth and detail on each page, and will definitely hold the interest of all readers, young and the not-so-young”

Illustrated page spreads from the book:





About the Author and Illustrator: Trish Donald

Trish Donald

Trish explores various mediums from digital drawings, pen, acrylics and mixed media. She has exhibited landscape paintings for many years in group and solo shows but in recent times has developed a passion for sweet and quirky characters.

Trish has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Canterbury University, Christchurch New Zealand where she majored in Graphic Design. Her design career has seen her work in a variety of studios in NZ and Australia as well as teaching graphic design at TAFE, where she helped to build a vibrant design community within the institute. Trish is currently a Learning Media Producer for the University of New England, which she thoroughly enjoys.

She is currently on the Board of Directors for the New England Writers’ Centre and is enjoying the creative overlap of writing, illustrating, painting, and design.

Trish had a short story and illustration published in an anthology Once Upon a Christmas by Christmas Press in 2014 and is delighted to join with Little Pink Dog Books to create her first picture book.

To find out more about Trish please visit her Blog, Facebook and The Style File.